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Lock Every Door - Riley Sager

Author: Riley Sager

Narrator: Dylan Moore

Started: September 27, 2022

Finished: September 30, 2022

Jules has had a rough life. First, her sister Jane goes missing, then her mother is diagnosed with cancer and her parents take their own lives as a way to escape their misery. Jules ends up living on her friends' couch with no job until one day she sees an ad for an apartment sitter at a well-known residence in Manhattan, The Bartholomew. When she lands the too good to be true opportunity, she discovers that a simple job of apartment sitting becomes a moment of life or death she never expected.

Dylan Moore did a wonderful narrating job. She fully embodied the young and old characters in the story. I enjoyed hearing her read the story and felt that she was the perfect person to share the story with the reader.

I have read several Riley Sager novels and this one comes in the top 3. While listening I got a Rosemary's Baby vibe. Sager never fails to tell a good solid thriller. I enjoyed watching Jules go through the joy of this lucky job and seeing The Bartholomew for what it truly was.

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