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Local Woman Missing - Mary Kubica

Author: Mary Kubica

Started: December 17, 2022

Finished: December 19, 2022

In a short period of time, two women, Shelby Tebow and Meredith Dickey, along with Meredith's daughter, Delilah suddenly go missing. Shelby is found murdered and Meredith takes her own life but no one knows what happened to Delilah. Eleven years later a young girl has escaped her captors, those who have kept her in a dark basement unsure of when she would bare their wrath. When asked what her name is she tells them she is Delilah Dickey and is returned to her family. As the background of the story is laid out, the truth comes to light and happy endings may not be had by all.

I have seen this book all over Instagram and Tik Tok and finally decided to see what the hype was about. While I found the story slow at times, mainly the background. The ending completely surprised me and was well worth the read. There were a few points during the story that I thought I had it figured out only to be proven very wrong. All in all, this is a story I will be recommending to others regularly and I will be looking into other stories written by Mary Kubica.

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