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Little Souls

Author: Sandra Dallas

Started: Apr. 16, 2022

Finished: Apr. 19, 2022

Thanks to Sandra Dallas, St. Martin's Press, and Netgalley for the chance to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

As Spanish influenza and World War I rages, Lutie and her sister Helen continue to live their daily lives in Denver, Colorado. Helen, a nurse, takes care of influenza patients every day praying she does not bring it home while Lutie, an ad designer, prays her sister does not catch the illness from her patients. The sister's downstairs neighbor passes away leaving her young child with nowhere to go as her father has deserted the family. They decide to take in the child, Dorothy as opposed to sending her to an orphanage. As the story progresses, it is discovered that Dorothy was horribly abused and the sister will do anything needed to keep her safe after her father returns.

This was a book with a few dark moments but mostly it was a story that shows that love comes in many forms and can continue when after those we love have left us. It was also a story that had moments of excitement that it never truly capitalized on. I found the story pleasant to read but it will not be something that I suggest to others.

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