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Lady Clementine

Author: Marie Benedict

Started: May 19, 2021

Finished: May 23, 2021

Lady Clementine is more than just Winston Churchill's wife; she is his right hand. When they married she was expected to support his home, raise his children, and support him politically. Despite having an ongoing nervous condition, Clementine becomes Churchill's most trusted advisor although she is never truly appreciated. She takes care of Churchill during both World Wars and lulls in his power, throughout this time she also finds herself and her ability to handle anything thrown her way.

Marie Benedict is known for well-researched historical fiction of important women in history whose stories may not be reached by her audience. I had heard very little of Clementine Churchill prior to picking up this book and now feel I have a better understanding of her strength and her important role in the lives of the English people. I found the story kept my interest and made me want to know more.

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