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Killer Triggers: Murder Comes Down to Sex, Drugs, or Money

Author & Narrator: Joe Kenda

Started: June 2, 2022

Finished: June 3, 2022

In his follow-up book, Joe Kenda, of Homicide Hunter fame, details several of his cases where he describes each one's trigger - sex, drugs, or money. Kenda goes into intricate detail on his case but also how police in his employ reacted to the murders and his family. Along with sharing the details of his career, he shares how his family felt about his sudden departures and his long nights on crime scenes.

I loved Joe Kenda reading his own book. He has a voice that is uniquely his and no one can tell his stories as he can. His straightforward demeanor comes across in every story and you know that this is precisely how he is in real life. In the last chapter of this book, Kenda explains his decision to end "Homicide Hunter" and then shares memories of working with the crew and it is clear that he has nothing but respect for those who helped him down the new journey he was on.

It is a well-known saying in my house that if one of us gets murdered, we need to ask Joe Kenda to come out of retirement to help solve our murder and this book only reaffirms that thought.

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