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Jar of Hearts - Jennifer Hillier

Author: Jennifer Hillier

Started: April 20, 2023

Finished: April 22, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: Thriller

TW: Rape, Domestic Abuse

Georgina "Geo" Shaw is being sent to prison for her part in her best friend's gruesome murder. As she takes the stand against her ex-boyfriend, a serial killer nicknamed The Sweetbay Strangler, she prays the whole story will never come to light. Fast forward five years, and Geo has been released. As she attempts to acclimate to life on the outside, there are dismembered bodies being found in the woods behind her house, very close to where her friend's body was discovered. The area cops are on the lookout for her ex, Calvin, sure that he is the culprit and Geo his next victim. Little do they know that Geo has been hiding more secrets than her friend's murder.

This will be a very unpopular opinion but I felt that this book was on the lower scale of an okay read. There was a lot of hype around this book and how it pulled you into the story but I didn't feel that pull. The storyline had definite promise but throughout the book, the story seemed a bit disjointed. The death of one of the side characters (not a spoiler - they weren't important to the plot of the story) seemed like an afterthought haphazardly thrown in when the author happened to remember their existence. There were also trigger warnings that should have been made as I was unprepared for the scenes. This wasn't the best book I've read but it's far from the worst.

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