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Iris Kelly Doesn't Date - Iris Kelly

Author: Ashley Herring Blake

Started: October 25, 2023

Finished: October 27, 2023

Format: Print

Genre: Sapphic Romance

All of Iris Kelly's friends are in loving relationships but after a failed relationship and being the unknown mistress in another, she believes she isn't built for relationships. One night she goes to her favorite queer bars and meets Stevie Scott from across the room. After a failed one-night stand between the two, they meet up again during auditions for a play. They proceed to enter a fake relationship where Iris gets inspiration for her second romance novel while Stevie gets lessons in how to be confident. Two gorgeous queer women in a fake relationship…what could possibly go wrong?

Iris Kelly is the friend we all need…always there for her friends and family. She's the friend you wish would think higher of herself. This was a sweet fake relationship story done right. There are such sweet moments between the two women that you can't help but smile. The spice level in this book was off the charts. There is one bedroom scene that shows the sexual tension between the women perfectly. I'm so glad I picked it up and finished this trilogy.

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