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In My Father's Basement - T.J. Payne

Author: T.J. Payne

Started: October 15, 2022

Finished: October 17, 2022

Students at the local college are receiving calls from their friends to lock their doors - there is someone roaming the dorms killing people on sight. As the police swarm, they come face-to-face with the madman…he is a 60 year old man with a lust for killing. The media quickly names him The Handyman based on the rumor that he killed people with his work tools. It is learned that the students aren't the only victims…he has seven bodies in his basement also. Years later, his son, Isaac, is approached with an offer to speak to his father and find out how and what made him kill. Seeing as he needs the money he takes. He soon learns that sometimes it's better not to know everything.

First and foremost, this book is NOT for everyone. If you are not a fan of detailed gore then I would stay far away. If you are interested in serial killers and a creepy killer story then this is for you. The story started off strong, dropped in the middle, and then picked up again at the end. This book is a fairly quick read and will definitely grab your interest. I do have to wonder what the author's Google search history looks like after writing this book though.

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