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If You Ask Me (But Of Course You Won't) - Betty White

Author & Narrator: Betty White

Started: November 15, 2022

Finished: November 15, 2022

Who doesn't love Betty White??!!

This is a simple book where Betty gives her little anecdotes from her life on different topics including how much she loved making television shows, her love for her deceased husband who she knows is with her every day and her beloved pets. It was so lovely to hear her share her memories and how lucky she felt to have all her fans love her. She touches on important moments in her life such as realizing she was lucky enough to have the same friendship with the women from Hot in Cleveland that she had with her costars on The Golden Girls. While this was a very quick read that jumped from topic to topic there were still moments that made me laugh and those that made me smile. Given the added benefit of listening on audio, I got to hear the iconic voice of Betty White - the voice I grew up with and loved.

If you are looking for a short book to finish your reading goals for the year, this would be a fantastic choice as you can get this done while doing simple household chores or driving in the car.

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