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Kill Joy - Holly Jackson

Author: Holly Jackson

Narrators: Bailey Carr, Raymond J. Lee, and Bruce Mann

Started: August 28, 2023

Finished: August 28, 2023

Genre: Thriller

Format: Audio

Pip is invited to a murder mystery dinner with her friends. During the dinner, she must try to solve the murder of the fictional character, Reginald Remy. Everyone is a suspect in this murder…including Pip. As she slowly works through the clues, she believes she has figured out who the murderer is. At the end of the evening, guesses as to the murderer's identity are made and Pip believes she has solved the crime. Whether she is right or wrong, on the drive home Pip gets the idea for her senior capstone project when she sees Ravi Singh walking home.

This is a cute little novella that takes place just before A Good Girl's Guide to Murder. The premise of the story was wonderful. I mean who doesn't love a good murder mystery dinner? I do have to say though, that Pip and her angsty behavior was a bit much in this story. Anyone who has read the Good Girls series knows that Pip is big on jumping to conclusions but she took leaps and bounds in the books. The narrators were fantastic! They not only managed to give each original character their own voice but also the murder mystery characters as well. This was a fun, quick dip back into Pip's world and I'm glad I listened.

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