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Hide - Kiersten White

Author: Kiersten White

Narrator: Emma Galvin

Started: July 18, 2022

Finished: July 19, 2022

Fourteen people on the outskirts of life receive invitations to participate in a huge game of hide and seek. The prize is money that could change their lives. The premise of the game is to play this unusual game of hide and seek over the course of a week with two people being "found" each day until one person is the left.

More than anyone Mack knows how important hiding can be as she had to hide while her father murdered her other family members. She holds herself personally responsible for not pulling her sister into her hiding place as their father went on his rampage. She is positive that because of this experience, she will come out of this contest the winner.

As her fellow hiders begin disappearing, Mack realizes that maybe this isn't a game of hide and seek and that this may be far more nefarious than first thought. As she and her friends try to get their minds around what is happening, they must figure out how to get out alive.

This book was recommended by my favorite reading podcast, Currently Reading, and had such high hopes as all of their presses have been great for me; sadly this one was not. I found the story too convoluted with too many characters and different stories. The premise of the hide and seek game was beyond odd and was not something I could wrap my head around. Upon reading the blurb on Goodreads, I expected a more adventurous Hunger Games but that was not even close to what I read. I also felt the narrator was not the best fit for this book. She had difficulty portraying the different characters and emoting them in such a way as to be believable. This was not a story I could find myself reading again.

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