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Her Secret War

Author: Pam Lecky

Started: Sep. 6, 2021

Finished: Sep. 10, 2021

Thanks to Pam Lecky, Avon Books UK, and Netgalley for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Sarah Gillespie is living in Dublin during World War II and although Ireland has declared itself neutral, Germany bombs the city killing Sarah's sister and father. Sarah goes to live with her uncle and his family in England where she is employed at a secret facility that aids the war effort by designing planes. Sarah is contacted by a member of military intelligence to help him catch a traitor. Although she has never done anything like this, she sees it as a chance to get revenge for her family's killings. She does her part only to receive the worst betrayal possible.

This was a complete and well-told story. We learn Sarah's history and what made her make the decisions she did. When her father's past is used against her, she learns that other people's choices can affect people without knowing it. I loved how the author tied up every loose end as well as leading the reader to the possibility of a new story. This is my first read by Pam Lecky but I do not believe it will be my last.

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