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Her Last Betrayal - Pam Lecky

Author: Pam Lecky

Started: June 6, 2022

Finished: June 12, 2022

Sarah Gillespie is back working for MI5 to help them catch her father, a member of the IRA who faked his own death. Along with her father, she is charged with working with a partner, an American ally, to help discover how the IRA is working with the Nazis. As Sarah wonders if she can trust her new partner, she helps discover the fact that double agents are working with the Nazis and are looking to assassinate one of the most influential assets of the war.

Having read the first book in this series, I was so happy when I received access to this ARC. Learning what happened with Sarah and her sorry excuse for a father was well worth the wait. I enjoyed watching Sarah's interactions with her MI5 leaders as well as her American partner. This was a truly enjoyable story.

I enjoy Pam Lecky's writing and her ability to weave together a story full of drama and storylines that keep the reader interested and entertained. Her interesting perspective on the war as someone living in Europe. I will gladly read any story Lecky publishes.

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