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Groupies - Sarah Priscus

Author: Sarah Priscus

Started: June 20, 2022

Finished: June 26, 2022

Faun Novack has recently lost her controlling mother and is seeking freedom and a new way of living. She contacts her high school best friend, Josie Norfolk, and asks if she can come live with her in California and start over. Josie quickly tells her she can; not knowing that at that moment both of their lives would be changed forever. Together, they live the life of groupies of the band Holiday Sun, a group they loved during high school. Josie is now dating the lead singer, Cal, and gives Faun entry into the world of loving a rock group. Ever armed with her Polaroid, Faun takes candid and staged photos of the group hoping it will jumpstart her career as a photographer. In a moment of anger and jealousy, Faun takes a photo of Josie kissing another man which she then sells later. When this photo is published and begins making the rounds at a Holiday Sun party, the unimaginable happens and the lives of Faun and Josie are irrevocably changed in very different ways.

This book was touted as perfect for fans of Daisy Jones & the Six but I felt the only thing they had in common was the time period, the music, and the drug usage. Faun struck me as far too dependent on those around her for love and affection, which is readily admitted in the story but it became her whole persona - there was not much else real about her. Josie was a bit of a complex character longing for the love she had not been given at home and would do or say anything she had to in order to receive that love. I found myself being far more sympathetic to a secondary character than the main.

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