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Good Girl, Bad Blood - Holly Jackson

Author: Holly Jackson

Started: July 1, 2022

Finished: July 3, 2022

After solving the murder of Andie Bell and Sal Singh, Pip has sworn off investigating crime. She realizes that she lost herself in the previous case and has sworn never to do that again. She has a successful podcast and Max Hastings is on trial for multiple rapes.

Pip and Rav attend the memorial for Andie and Sal and finally heal with their community. When Pip returns home, Connor Reynolds appears on her doorstep begging for her investigative help - his brother Jamie has gone missing and the police will not help. She says that she will go to the police and see if she can use her influence to implore the police to take his disappearance seriously. When it doesn't work she agrees to help the family as they truly believe that something has happened to Jamie and he has not just disappeared.

As the days go on and Jamie remains missing, Pip and Rav start to realize that there is one name that keeps popping up…Layla, a catfish who appears to be looking for a very specific person based on the men she has connected with. As Pip gets closer and closer to discovering who Layla is, she knows that she is closer to finding Jamie. With the help of Rav and Conner, Pip discovers Layla's identity in a dark clearing where everything seems to go wrong.

The follow-up to A Good Girl's Guide to Murder is fantastically done. With threads of the original story sewn into this wonderful new plot line, it was a book that was well worth my reading time. Jackson's books are always quick reads despite the size of them. I found myself getting involved in the storyline and wondering what would happen next. I am very much looking forward to the final book in this trilogy.

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