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Gone Tonight - Sarah Pekkanen

Author: Sarah Pekkanen

Started: July 1, 2023

Finished: July 2, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: Thriller

Ruth Sterling is showing signs of Alzheimer's as her daughter watches helplessly - or has she? When her daughter Catherine notices that the memory issues are only at home, she knows something is off. She digs deeper into her mother's past only to discover that her mother seemed to come into existence when she was born. As bits & pieces of her mother's life come to light, Catherine wonders if she knows her at all. Little does she know her mother is keeping a secret so big that when it's discovered…it will be life-changing.

This was the best thriller I've read in a while. There are twists and turns around every corner. The chapters go back and forth between mother and daughter, as one discovers the story of her mother's life as Ruth slowly unfolds her story for the reader. The change of energy is palpable towards the end of the story where Ruth's true past becomes known and the duo must make the best decision for themselves. This was a novel that I devoured in one day and believe that others will do the same.

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