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Ghost 19 - Simone St. James

Author: Simone St. James

Started: January 31, 2023

Finished: January 31, 2023

Format: Kindle

Genre: Horror

Ginette Cox has just been released from a mental hospital and is ordered to rest. This is how she finds herself at 19 Howard Avenue. Ginette finds herself watching the neighbors and becoming enthralled with their lives. Each night, Ginette hears noises from the basement that make her remain upstairs. Every night, as Ginette watches out the window, a man in a black jacket and hat appears in the street and she can feel the evil emanating from him. When the man zeros in on a young neighborhood girl, Ginette knows that this man used to live in the house where she is staying and has done horrible things.

I am a big fan of Simone St. James but I was not a fan of this novella, While there were moments that could be considered spooky there were far moments that were expected. The premise of the story reminds me of the old movie, Rear Window starring Jimmy Stewart. Having read a good few St. James thrillers, I expected more originality. It was a quick read at 80 pages and a good way to round out your reading challenge. I will continue to read other Simone St. James novels as I know that she can write a spine-tingling story and my lower than usual rating is a one-off.

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