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Fantastic Christmas Reads

The holidays bring to mind sitting in a comfortable chair with the Christmas lights, some hot chocolate, and a good book. While I am usually not a seasonal reader, I do enjoy a good Christmas read when the mood strikes. These are a few of the Christmas reads that I have enjoyed.

I hope you have all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the time with your families and friends.

The tale of Santa Claus is told through the words of L. Frank Baum of Wizard of Oz fame. Santa is raised in the Forest of Burzee by a group of immortal beings who teach him of their world and help him become the man he is. Santa discovers his love of making toys and the joy they brought to the children in his village. Despite having made enemies of the Awgwas, who attempt to steal all his toys and keep them from the children, he continues to do all he can to make his deliveries. Claus is granted the Mantle of Immortality to ensure that he is forever able to provide happiness to the children of the world.

harles Dickens is facing his first commercial failure in his story "Martin Chuzzlewit", he now needs to write a Christmas story in a month's time or his publisher will stop working with him. Dickens begins formulating a story based on the people around him and discovers that this may be the most important work he has ever done. The ultimatum from his publish helps Dickens write his most well-known story "A Christmas Carol."

This is a well-told narrative of how Dickens came to discover the story around him and the world was introduced to one of the best Christmas stories ever told.

The Gift of the Magi is the book of ultimate love and selfless giving. Della and Jim are a married couple who, despite being poor, want to give the other something wonderful for Christmas. Each makes a sacrifice to purchase the other a gift.

This is a story for everyone who begins to question the meaning of Christmas and why we share gifts with those we love. This story represents the true meaning of Christmas and completely helps the reader understand that meaning.

Here is a link to my review.

Charles Dickens has yet to come into infamy as a writer but he has solved a couple of mysteries in his time. This mystery begins when Dickens and his fiance witness a man falling out of a window and Charles believes there is more to the story than others believe. During the course of the story, we meet people who shape characters within A Christmas Carol such as Emmanuel Screws, the owner of the counting-house where the man fell from the window. This is a different take on how Dickens came up with his unforgettable characters.

The quintessential Christmas read. A cranky old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three ghosts, the Ghost of Past, Present, and Future, who show him how his life has gone off course due to his selfishness and what will occur if he does not change his ways.

Throughout the story, Scrooge witnesses the happy Christmas' of his past and those that change who he was. He sees the current situation of his nephew and office worker, Bob Cratchit, and how their lives are impacted by Scrooge's mean ways. The Ghost of Christmas Future shows Scrooge how he will die a lonely man with no one to mourn him if he does not change his behavior. Scrooge awakens a new man and his life is never the same.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these books, please click on the book covers to link directly to Amazon.

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