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Author: T.J. Newman

Started: Jul. 21, 2021

Finished: Jul. 22, 2021

Captain Bill Hoffman heads to the airport for what he thinks will be a normal cross-country flight from LA to NYC..he has no idea how wrong he is. Within moments of Hoffman leaving his home, his family is taken hostage. Shortly after his flight takes off, he receives a strange message which has a video of his wife bound, gagged, and wearing a suicide vest. Hoffman is given a choice - either he crashes the plane and saves his family or he saves his family and crashes the plane killing all 143 people on board. He must make a choice.

This is the first book written by T.J. Newman. Newman is a flight attendant which gives this story something extra in my opinion. This was a fast-paced well-told thriller. There were some moments where I thought I knew who the bad guy on board was only to realize that I based my thought on how I believed a terrorist would act. I loved the way the flight attendants were portrayed in this story - while it was the pilot who had to make a choice about crashing the plane, in truth, it was the flight attendants who held the passengers together when it was needed the most.

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