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Exciting April Reads

Spring is right around the corner…as soon as these twenty-degree temperatures disappear in the Northeast. I am anxious to jump into

these six books. I am trying to spread my reading wings a little bit and read different genres. I am hoping that these are as amazing as they seem.

Insomnia - Sarah Pinborough (Apr. 12, 2022) - Emma Averell can't sleep. Slowly she starts to feel her lack of sleep is edging away from her life as she begins to have unaccounted for hours during her day. Emma remembers that these are the exact same symptoms her mother showed before she went insane and became the monster that Emma and her sister remember. Could she suffer from the same illness as her mother; is she slowly using her mind?

Sister Stardust - Jane Green (Apr. 5, 2022) - Based on the life of Talitha Getty, a model, socialite, and actress who lived her life during the 1960s. Married to the Getty oil heir, Talitha moves to Marrakesh where she presides over parties and the free love that the '60s are known for. As Claire gets to know Talitha, she begins to see the dark side of the life she leads and how that dark side can impact her own life.

The Mayfair Bookshop - Eliza Knight (Apr. 12, 2022) - Nancy Mitford was a socialite in the 30s whose life is not always what it seems. She has a husband who refuses to remain loyal, a sister who is an open Nazi sympathizer, and has seen her chance of motherhood fade away. She takes a job in the Heywood Hill Bookshop as a way to start a new life. Fast forward to the current day where Lucy St. Clair is hired by Heywood Hill where she hopes to heal her heart after the death of her mother. It becomes clear that the Heywood is good for the healing of the soul - even many years apart.

Unmasked: My Life-Solving America's Cold Cases - Paul Holes (Apr. 26, 2022) - Paul Holes is a former detective who helped solve The Golden State Killer cold case along with Michelle McNamara. He looks back on some of his more famous cold cases and how he helped solved them. He shares the story of how he became a detective as well as how the decisions he made shaped his life and his family.

Girls of Flight City - Lorraine Heath (Apr. 5, 2022) - In 1941, American women are brought in to train the British Royal Air Force in their little flight school in Texas. Jessie Lovelace wants to be a pilot and does all she can to learn to be an instructor. Her younger sister Kitty learns the hard way just how dangerous it can be to become involved with the RAF trainees. Rhonda Monroe, who teaches more in a flight simulator than in a plane and quickly becomes enamored with a charismatic pilot. Each woman learns the hard way the lessons of love and loss during the war.

The War Nurse - Tracey Enerson Wood (Apr. 8, 2022) - The Superintendent of Nurses recruits sixty-four nurses to serve near the front lines where they will relieve the weary British nurses. The nurses who make the trip to France are confronted with a hospital ward that they were not prepared for such as slovenly and unhealthy conditions. Suddenly, all incoming soldiers are struck by a mysterious respiratory disease, unlike anything they have ever seen. She must decide whether to work within the boundaries of her field or cross them in order to save those she loves.

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