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Cozy Winter Reads

For most, February is a time to read love stories and the occasional spicy novel but I tend to find comfort in the genres I enjoy – historical fiction and thrillers. These are just a few of the books that I am anxiously awaiting. What are the books you are most looking forward to? All below books can be purchased by clicking the titles to go directly to its Amazon page.

The Paris Apartment - Lucy Foley (Publication Date: Feb. 22, 2022) - Jess finds herself broke and alone. She thinks of starting over somewhere fresh and decides to ask her brother, Ben if she can come to visit him in Paris. Although he isn't enthused about the request, he lets her visit. Once she arrives in Paris, her brother is nowhere to be seen and she wonders how he affords the apartment he has with his job. The longer Ben is missing, the more she thinks that something has happened to him.

The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post - Allison Pataki (Publication Date: Feb. 15, 2022) - Marjorie Post, the daughter of C.W. Post, owner of the Post Cereal Company, has been the consummate heiress. She throws wonderful dinner parties and entertained all the right people. She decides that she wants to be known for more than her multiple marriages and well-done soirees. Post becomes active in many charities and is listed among a group of well-known philanthropists. She becomes more known for her kind acts than the money she acquired.

The Christie Affair - Nina de Gramont (Publication Date: Feb. 1, 2022) - The 11-day disappearance is told from the point of view of the fictional character, Nan O'Dea, who becomes the mistress of Agatha's husband, Archie. The real question is why? What does Nan's sudden appearance have to do with Christie going missing? In order to answer these questions, the story goes back to WWI and promises that were made and broken.

The Lobotomist's Wife – Samantha Green Woodruff (Publication Date: Feb. 1, 2022) - Ruth Emeraldine has one goal in life since her brother took his own life – to help others suffering from mental illness. During this time she meets Dr. Robert Apter who has invented a new way to deal with mental illness – the lobotomy. At first, Ruth believes that these drastic surgeries are a way to help those who are truly suffering. She then realizes that her husband is testing this surgery on many patients – including those who don't require them. When Ruth realizes the next person to receive the surgery is a woman who just had a baby and is suffering from postpartum depression – she does everything she can to save her.

The Liz Taylor Ring - Brenda Janowitz (Publication Date: Feb. 1, 2022) - Lizzie Morgan and Ritchie Schneider find love in the 1970s although there are many years where things weren't perfect they end up married when Ritchie gives her an engagement ring which looks exactly like the engagement the ring Liz Taylor received from Richard Burton. Years later, after their parents have passed away, the children must decide what happens to the very expensive engagement ring, family secrets are unveiled and cracks occur in the foundation of their family that may never be fixed.

Beautiful Little Fools – Jillian Cantor (Publication Date: Feb. 1, 2022)- An amazing retelling of The Great Gatsby based on the women in the story, Daisy, Jordan, and Catherine. Each character's background is perfectly explored and the way in which their lives intersect eventually leads to the demise of the male character, Jay Gatsby. There are very few stories that reimagine a classic such as The Great Gatsby without ruining the original, but this is one of those few.

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