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Counting the Cost - Jill Duggar

Author & Narrator: Jill Duggar

Started: September 22, 2023

Finished: September 23, 2023

Format: Audio

Genre: Memoir

Jill Duggar is best known as one of the 19 Duggar children shown on TLC. She grew up in a Christian family where he father made the rules. The children were home-schooled and made to dress modestly. As time goes on and Jill gets older, she begins to see things differently. She further explains that when she got married and separated from her family she began to realize that the things she was taught weren't the truth. As blow after blow happens to her family, Jill must deal with her past traumas as well as the trauma she is currently dealing with. This is Jill's truth and the way she is handling everything.

I did this book on audio as this is the best way for me to enjoy a memoir. Jill narrates her own story and does a wonderful job of telling her story and drawing a clear image of her life as a Christian and how she felt about the way she was raised. It was heartbreaking to hear all she went through when the report was released regarding the abuse she and her sister went through. As she gets older, she begins to "defy" her parents by living a life she felt was right for her family. As links with her family become strained, Jill must learn how to heal herself and accept life as it is now. She also talks about her brother's trial and how she felt about his sentence. In my opinion, Jill knows she still has a lot of healing to do and learning to put the blame of her trauma on everyone involved…not just some of them.

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