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Comfort Me with Apples - Catherynne M. Valente

Author: Catherynne M. Valente

Started: October 6, 2022

Finished: October 6, 2022

She was made for him…she knows that for a fact..she was made for him. Sophia wakes up every day believing that her home was made for her and that she was made for her husband. She thinks all this until she finds the brush with the dark coarse hair and until she finds the piece of a finger she finds in the knife block - this is when she begins to wonder what has happened.

I received this recommendation from the Currently Reading podcast during a monthly episode of the Indie Press List. The description and the podcast hosts sounded so in love with this book that I was immediately intrigued. I ran to my Libby app and downloaded it from my library. It is a very short book (about 100 pages) and can be read in one sitting with little exception. This was a book I was not ready for. I will leave it to you to read the story and make your own decision on whether it was brilliant or odd.

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