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Clown in a Cornfield - Adam Cesare

Title: Clown in a Cornfield

Author: Adam Cesare

Narrator: Jesse Vilinsky

Started: January 25, 2023

Finished: January 27, 2034

Format: Audio

Genre: Horror

Quinn Maybrook and her father moved to Kansas after her mother's death. Shortly after starting school, Quinn becomes friends with the community troublemakers. When the teens go to a party thrown in a local cornfield all hell breaks loose. Out of the cornfield comes Frendo the Clown, the community mascot. This Frendo has a bow and arrow and is killing anyone he can. The teenagers must do everything they can to make it out alive.

This book was all over social media, and I could finally sit down and listen to it. This was a well done young adult horror story. While the characters at first seemed very typical and one dimensional that quickly changed as their backstories began to develop and the reader began to understand why they behave as they do. The narrator did a fantastic job of portraying the male and female characters and expressing their emotions well. This story reminded me of a young adult slasher film. While some of the scenes were a bit graphic, nothing could be considered overwhelming. There was a second book in the series and I will definitely be reading it.

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