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Clown in a Cornfield 2: Frendo Lives - Adam Cesare

Author: Adam Cesare

Narrator: Jesse Vilinsky

Started: March 23, 2023

Finished: March 27, 2023

Format: Audiobook

Genre: Horror

It's been a year since the Kettle Springs massacre and most of the town is trying to move on. Quinn, who has returned to Philadelphia for college, is awaiting a visit from Cole and Rust, who have become her best friends. As the friends celebrate Halloween there is a sudden appearance by Frendo and he is armed with a gun. While dealing with the aftermath of that event, Quinn receives a call that her father has been attacked and that she needs to come home. When the trio arrives, they realize that they must once again fight for their lives against a mob of clowns. Severely outnumbered, the friends are unsure if they will make it out alive.

This is a fantastic follow-up novel. Adam Cesare does a great job of showing the obvious PTSD each character is dealing with and the ways they attempt to deal with it. I found the murders to be a little mundane compared to the first novel. I thought they would be a little worse considering the revenge seeking by the clowns and the survivors. It was a great idea to use the same narrator for both books as she does such a wonderful job. This was a fantastic way to wrap up the story and give the readers a satisfying ending. I cannot wait to dig into Adam Cesare's backlist for a great horror novel.

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