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Carnegie's Maid - Marie Benedict

Author: Marie Benedict

Started: November 29, 2022

Finished: December 1, 2022

Clara Kelly travels from Ireland to Pittsburgh to try to get a job to help her family back home. When she is mistaken for another Clara Kelly, who passed away on the boat, and is hired as a maid in the home of Andrew Carnegie, the wealthiest man in the country. As she learns to be a ladies' maid, she also becomes close to Mr. Carnegie and slowly begins to have feelings for him and he for her. When her secret is discovered, she must leave without saying goodbye and forever leave Andre behind.

This is another wonderful book by Benedict. While she normally chooses women forgotten to history this was not the case rather the setting was the story. Marie Benedict said her love of libraries and all they offer that helped her come up with the premise of this novel. I have yet to come across a Marie Benedict novel in that I do not find myself fully immersed in the story and walked away satisfied.

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