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Book 89 of 2020 - Ground Zero

Author: Alan Gratz

Publication Date: Feb. 2, 2021

Publisher: Scholastic Press

Format: Kindle Book Courtesy of Edelweiss+

Started: Dec. 17, 2020

Finished: Dec. 17, 2020

Brandon gets himself suspended and needs to go to work with his father. His father is an employee at Windows on the World and the fateful day is September 11, 2001. Brandon sneaks away from his father to replace a friend's toy he accidentally broke...and then the first plane hits the tower and Brandon's world is forever changed.

There is a dual timeline in this book that accounts for a day in the life of an Afghani girl named Reshmina whose family gives refuge to an injured American soldier despite the guarantee of an attack by the Taliban for helping him. Reshmina learns more about this soldier's story than she ever imagined.

This book was so wonderfully written and captured the details of 9/11 perfectly. There were times that I began tearing up at how Brandon's life changed and all he went through in order to survive. This book was one that I could not put down. I managed to read over 300 pages in less than 8 was absolutely wonderful.

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