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Book 85 of 2020 - Twisted Twenty-Six (Stephanie Plum #26)

Author: Stephanie Plum

Publication Date: Nov. 12, 2019

Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons

Format: Audiobook

Started: Dec. 4, 2020

Finished: Dec. 6, 2020

Stephanie Plum is at it again. This time Stephanie has to save Grandma Mazur from members of the mob looking to do whatever is needed to get back her late husband's keys, which they believe will give them access to a treasure.

This book finds us surrounded by all the usual characters and entrenches us deeper in their lives. Stephanie continues to question whether she is fit to be a bounty hunter although Grandma and Ranger try to help her understand that she does her job well. Stephanie is still dating Morelli and seems happy and content with her life. All in all, it was a solid Stephanie Plum novel.

I have the feeling that in the next few Plum novels we are going to start to receive answers to some of our biggest questions. Will Stephanie remain a bounty hunter? Will Morelli finally pop the question? Will Ranger admit that he cares about Stephanie? Will Lula finally find someone special? Will Grandma Mazur find the treasure? These are all the questions we need to be answered.

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