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Book 73 of 2020 - I Am Haunted

Author: Zak Bagans with Kelly Crigger

Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2015

Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing

Format: Kindle Book

Started: Sep. 5, 2020

Finished: Sep. 15, 2020

Zak Bagans is the host of Ghost Adventures and he describes his adventures as a ghost hunter, an empath, and a boss. Zak takes us through some of his greatest adventures traveling the world in an attempt to learn more about life after death. Zak details some of his most famous cases including his visit to Dracula's castle and how he became a "vampire".

Zak explains why he bought the house deemed "The Demon House" in Indiana. This house has had multiple incidents of apparitions and injuring of your children - incidents that have been witnessed by multiple police officers. Zak describes his interactions with the demons who live there.

Throughout all of his adventures, Zak has dealt with worsening health issues, crazy fans, and the need to feel as if he is meant to live his life alone due to multiple ex-girlfriends by negatively affected by demons. It was interesting to see the searching for life after death from Zak's perspective and getting to know his relationship with his castmates was nice to read.

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