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Book 72 of 2020 - Devil in the Darkness: The Trust Story of Serial Killer Israel Keyes

Author: JT Hunter

Publication Date: Jun. 17, 2020

Publisher: Valancourt Books

Format: Kindle Book

Started: Sep. 3, 2020

Finished: Sep. 5, 2020

The purpose of my reading this book was two-fold. I am extremely interested in what made Israel Keyes the way he was and I am currently taking a psychology course covering serial killers.

JT Hunter goes into intricate detail into the multiple crimes committed by Keyes as well as the ways in which he was a person living two lives. The case that ended Israel's life of crime was the abduction and murder of Sarah Koenig in his home state of Alaska. After burying Sarah, Israel went on a trip to Texas where he was ultimately caught by very attentive Texas Rangers. Once imprisoned, Keyes attempts to control his destiny by giving information to the FBI only under certain circumstances - he wants to ensure that he receives the death penalty and that all information regarding his crimes is kept out of the media while he is alive to ensure that his daughter is not affected. Israel Keyes was a prime example that evil is not always a learned behavior - sometimes people are just born with psychopathic tendencies. Keyes expressed no remorse for his crimes and stated that he only wished he could have killed more people before being caught.

Hunter goes into Keyes killing sprees, his interviews with the FBI, and Keyes controlled ending of his own life. In taking his own life, Keyes forever took his secrets with him. Some of his victims will never be known - and that was exactly how he wanted it.

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