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Book 71 of 2020 - The Book of Lost Names

Author: Kristin Harmel

Publication Date: Jul. 21, 2020

Publisher: Gallery Books

Format: Kindle Book

Started: Aug. 28, 2020

Finished: Sep. 2, 2020

Eva is a Jewish woman raised in Paris because her parents thought it would be safer for her - only to discover that would change thanks to the Nazis. Eva is a talented artist who discovers a new use for her talent that helps save countless lives. While creating fake papers for children crossing into Switzerland for safety, Eva is concerned that the people they have helped will be lost to history. Her partner, Remy, helps devise a code to place their original names in a book so that they will never be forgotten. This book is stolen by the Nazis and not seen for 60 years until it is shown in the New York Times and Eva knows she has to have it back.

Kristin Harmel has written other amazing books about World War II and those who helped the Jewish population get to safety. Kristin has covered spies and forgers - it is always very interesting to see the war from other perspectives.

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