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Book 67 of 2020 - Eli's Promise

Author: Ronald H. Balson

Publication Date: Sept. 22, 2020

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Format: Kindle book courtesy of Netgalley

Started: Jul. 25, 2020

Finished: Jul. 31, 2020

This was a WWII fan fiction with a great storyline. This story begins just as Hitler is starting his reign of terror. The difference in this story is that the timeline goes from before the war, through the war, and after as certain criminals are being sought.

The story of Eli, Esther, and their son Izaak is one I had not read before and that was the way the concentration camps are mentioned in passing as survivors recount their stories will in the displaced persons camps set up by the United States. The story then does into the 1960s when Eli is helping the government look for a con man, who was a Nazi collaborator, he knew from the days of the war who betrayed him in the worst way possible.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly and believe anyone with an interest in historical fiction would enjoy taking the journey of the Rosen's life to see how it all turns out.

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