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Book 61 of 2020 - The Silent Wife (Will Trent #10)

Author: Karin Slaughter

Publication Date: Jul. 28, 2020

Publisher: William Morrow

Started: Jul.3, 2020

Finished: Jul. 11, 2020

A young woman goes for a run and ends up raped and paralyzed in the forest. The police do everything they can to find the man who hurt her - with many mistakes along the way. They believe they have a suspect but he is never held accountable. Years later, the police start hunting for the actual killer when they realize he has more than one victim.

Karin Slaughter has a way of telling a story that immediately catches the reader's attention. This was another well-done story that draws you in and you work hard to figure out who did it. The who did it in The Silent Wife was not expected and it gave the story an amazing twist.

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