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Book 57 of 2020 - Tricky Twenty-Two (Stephanie Plum #22)

Author: Janet Evanovich

Publication Date: Nov. 17, 2015

Publisher: Bantam

Format: Audiobook

Started: Jun. 18, 2020

Finished: Jun. 18, 2020

This is a vast improvement from the last two Stephanie Plum novels. While it still had the prerequisite Plum accidents - car problems for Stephanie, her Mom not understanding why she is a bail bond agent, and Lula being a hypochondriac - this book had a bit more.

Morelli has a medical scare that makes him question whether he wants to continue to be a cop which leads him to break-up with Stephanie, which affects her more than she thought it would. In working her latest jump, Stephanie comes across a wacky professor looking to let fleas loaded with the bubonic plague loose on a college campus that denied him tenure.

By the end of the story, all is well and Morelli and Plum find themselves in a very interesting situation that I would love to see them talk about more. I honestly think without a major shift in the storyline, we are almost at the end of the Stephanie Plum novels. There are only so many cars Stephanie can blow up, so many times she can go back and forth between Ranger and Morelli, and so many times she can get her apartment blown up.

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