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Book 55 of 2020 - White Like Her

Author: Gail Lukasik, Ph.D.

Publication Date: Oct. 17, 2017

Publisher: Skyhorse

Format: Kindle book

Started: Jun. 8, 2020

Finished: Jun. 13, 2020

Full Title: White Like Her: My Family's Story of Race and Racial Passing

I originally saw Gail's story on the show Genealogy Roadshow which I love. As someone who works on her own genealogy, I can relate to Gail's search. I found the story of her mother's passing as white to be extremely brave and heartbreaking at the same time.

Gail tells the story of how she discovered her mother's secret and how she broached the topic with her. Once her mother confirmed the truth, she made Gail swear that she wouldn't tell anyone until she was gone. Gail kept that promise to her mother for the next 17 years.

This story details not only Gail's family history but the history of racism and how long it has been a plague on our society. Learning of the caste system that took place in early New Orleans history was extremely interesting. I loved how Gail's book ended with meeting family and seeing her mother in their face. This was definitely an eye-opening read and I am so glad I read it.

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