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Book 48 of 2020 - In Another Time

Author: Jill Cantor

Publication Date: Mar. 5, 2019

Publisher: Harper Perennial

Format: Kindle book

Started: May 24, 2020

Finished: May 27, 2020

I read this book because I had previously read Cantor's previous historical fiction, The Lost Letter, and thought I would enjoy this one as much. I am sad to say it didn't excite me as much.

Hanna wakes up in a field where she has no memory of her life for the past decade - she remembers nothing about World War II or immediately after. The one thing she does remember is that she loves Max, and she is unsure of what happened to him.

Hanna and Max meet by happenstance as he enters the auditorium where she practices her violin. They quickly fall in love and dream about spending their life together. Hanna, a young woman who happens to be Jewish and Max, a Christian begin a love affair that will alter their lives.

There is an interesting turn of events in the story that I am still unsure how I feel about. It seems like an odd way to add sci-fi to a historical fiction genre book and it left the ending a little rushed and unsatisfying.

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