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Book 47 of 2020 - The Plot Against America

Author: Philip Roth

Publication Date: Oct. 5, 2004

Publisher: Vintage International

Format: Audiobook

Started: May 21, 2020

Finished: May 23, 2020

This was a phenomenal book. I never would have thought a book like this would hold my attention.

This is the story of the Roth family as they deal with the outcome of an alternate history where known anti-Semite Charles Lindbergh defeats FDR and becomes the 33rd President of the US. Once in office, Lindbergh begins to slowly turn America into a fascist country. The Jewish people of the US are to blame for everything and they must be taken care of according to the government. Told from the perspective of a young Jewish boy growing up in Newark, New Jersey as he describes ways in which his family felt the waves of anti-Semitism in their every day lives.

The reasoning behind Lindbergh's election was very interesting and to see the work that went into making him President in this story was very well done. This is definitely a book I would recommend.

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