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Book 43 of 2020 - Anne Frank: The Untold Story

Authors: Jeroen De Bryun and Joop van Wijk

Publication Date: Sept. 7, 2018

Publisher: Bep Voskuijl Producties bv

Format: Kindle book

Started: May 15, 2020

Finished: May 16, 2020

Full title: Anne Frank: The Untold Story - The hidden truth about Eli Vossen, the youngest helper of the Secret Annex

I have read many, many books about Anne Frank. I have read Miep Gies' book. Until this point, I had never read a book about Bep. It was very interesting to not only read how the time with those in the Annex affected Bep but also how it took great hold over her life.

Through interviews with Bep's children and those close to her, a vivid picture is gathered of how Bep carried the "hiders" in her heart and how she knew that their story needed to be told to ensure their memory remained. Until her untimely death, Bep stayed in touch with those whose lives were also greatly affected for that 25 months she helped keep her friends safe.

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