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Book 35 of 2020 - The Jane Austen Society

Author: Natalie Jenner

Publication Date: May 26, 2020

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Format: Kindle book courtesy of Netgalley

Started: Apr. 28, 2020

Finished: Apr. 29, 2020

I have heard a lot about this book in my reading groups and was anxious to get my hands on it and I was not disappointed.

The story is based in Chawton, England, and delves into the lives of several members of that community who are Jane Austen aficionados. A small group begins the Jane Austen Society in the hopes of putting together a small museum which tourists can visit and learn a little about Austen and her life. Throughout the story, there is plenty of background given on the characters that ultimately ties into Austen characters and the way people feel about them. There is genuine happiness at the way the story ends that it makes you want to know how their lives continue.

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