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Book 28 of 2020 - The Cuban Affair

Author: Nelson DeMille

Publication Date: Sept. 19, 2017

Publisher: Simon Schuster

Format: Audiobook

Started: Mar. 25, 2020

Finished: Mar. 30, 2020

Normally, I really enjoy Nelson DeMille books but this one just felt far too long. It was an interesting story that takes place during the thawing of Cuban and American relations. A group of anti-Castro Cuban Americans devises a plan to reunite former Cuban citizens with the money they had left behind in Cuba. At least that is the plan according to what Daniel MacCormick is told when they offer him $3 million to take them on a boat trip to Cuba.

There were many twists and turns in the story that made it interesting. I just think the book could have been 5-10 chapters shorter and it would have been perfectly fine.

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