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Book 23 of 2020 - American Dirt

Author: Jeanine Cummins

Publication Date: Jan. 21, 2020

Publisher: Flatiron Books

Format: Kindle book

Started: Mar. 12, 2020

Finished: Mar. 15, 2020

I read so many scathing reviews about this book and was unsure how I would feel about it. Now, that I have had a chance to read the story I have to wonder what the drama is with this book. I enjoyed the story and found myself gasping out loud at certain parts. The story caught my attention from the very first chapter and I knew that there would be no way I could put it down.

I thought the story of Lydia and Luca was really well done and expressed what the trip of a migrant from Acapulco to American may be like. I found the author to be genuine in wanting to tell a good story with meaning.

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