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Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard - Tom Felton

Author & Narrator: Tom Felton Started: November 21, 2022

Finished: November 23, 2022

Tom Felton is best known for playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. Through the telling of his own story, Felton details his acting career before Potter starting with his highlighted role as "Tree #1" in a school play. From there everything improved for Tom, he appeared in several British productions including The Borrowers where he worked with some of his future Potter castmates.

Felton also is very clear in expressing how he feels about his family, Muggle, and Magic. The youngest of four boys, he has gotten into his share of mischief and police run-ins as he attempted to prove he was just one of the guys…magic aside. Towards the last few chapters of this book, Tom reveals that he struggled with an alcohol and marijuana addiction that his management team and girlfriend at the time wanted him to get help for. This was not something that was previously known and it was refreshing to hear him be honest about it.

While this was not the most gut-wrenching emotional memoir I've ever read it is honest and enjoyable. Listening to Felton tell his own story you could hear the love when he spoke of his family and the fond memories he had of his time on the set of the movie that changed his life. I feel that Felton will have a bright future ahead of him and we will probably see an updated memoir in time as he continues to chronicle his movie career and his future mishaps.

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