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Beneath the Stairs

Author: Jennifer Fawcett

Started: Feb. 8, 2022

Finished: Feb. 10, 2022

Thanks to Jennifer Fawcett, Atria Books, and Edelweiss+ for the chance to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book will be published on February 22, 2022.

All neighborhoods have a house that people avoid, a house where a horrible thing is purported to have happened - in Sumner Mills, that is the Octagon House. One summer Clare and Abby along with other friends explore the house and discover a very creepy basement…that for some reason has a heavy metal door that seems to open on its own. This is the summer that will set the course for the rest of their lives.

Twenty years later, Clare receives a frantic call from Abby's mother that she is in a coma. Despite not having spoken in years, Clare rushes home to find out what happened and discovers that Abby was discovered in the basement of the Octagon House where she had been for four days. Clare realizes that she is going to have to finish what Abby started - figuring out the mysterious call of the house.

This was my first read by Jennifer Fawcett and I wasn't sure about it. I was so glad to see that this was a wonderfully told story that kept me guessing and the ending was fantastic. I would be very interested in reading anything else put out by Fawcett.

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