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Ask for Andrea - Noelle W. Ilhi

Author: Noelle W. Ilhi

Started: August 30, 2023

Finished: August 31, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: Thriller

Brecia, Meghan, and Skye all have one thing in common - they were all murdered by the same man. As each woman mourns her own death and watches those around her grieve, they must figure out their next steps. Slowly, the girls come together and realize that before they move forward, they want to end their murderer's killing spree. As the pieces start to fall in place, in their own way, the women lead detectives to their murderer and they can move forward into the arms of their loved ones.

This was a fantastic thriller. It kept my interest from the beginning to the end. I would have stayed up all night reading if it hadn't been for work. If you've ever wondered if those we've lost are ever truly gone, then just the thought of them nearby should be comforting. The characters are well-developed and reading the story from the perspective of the murder victim was different and exciting. This is my second book by Noelle W. Ihli and I cannot wait to read the rest.

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