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April Reads I am Looking Forward To

I know I am running late with these but these are some of the books I am looking forward to reading in the month of April. I have attached links to the reviews of those I have already read and reviewed.

A Fever in the Heartland: The Ku Klux Klan's Plot to Take Over America, And the Woman Who Stopped them - Timothy Egan (Publication Date: Apr. 4, 2023): This is a look into how the Ku Klux Klan came to such power in the 1920s. The author details their hatred and the story of Madge Oberholtzer - the woman who helped bring the Klan to its knees.

The Home for Wayward Girls - Marcia Bradley (Publication Date: Apr. 4, 2023): This debut novel takes place in a girl's home in the 90s. When parents feel their daughters have become unruly they deliver their daughters to "the ranch" in order to set them straight. Loretta's father owns the ranch and she does all she can to keep him away from the girls and teaches them survival skills in the chance that they will escape.

You can find my review here.

The Golden Doves - Martha Hall Kelly (Publication Date: Apr. 18, 2023): The Golden Doves are two members of the French Resistance and are known for stealing important Nazi secrets. When they are caught and sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp ungodly things happen to those they love. After WWII is over, the Doves receive a mission from the US Army - find the Nazi doctor who was in Ravensbruck and bring him to justice.

You can find my review here.

The Audrey Hepburn Estate: Brenda Janowitz (Publication Date: Apr. 18, 2023): Emma Jansen returns to the mansion in which her parents worked and she lived over the garage when she learns it is set to be demolished. When she visits, she relives memories, good and bad, and discovers a secret that will forever affect her life.

The Last Word - Taylor Adams (Publication Date: Apr. 25, 2023): Emma Carpenter is a reclusive bookworm who has left a very negative review for an author who gets into an argument with her. Soon after, odd things begin to happen around her home and she cannot help but wonder if the author is behind it. As she delves into his background, she finds novels of gruesome killings and begins to think that she has made the worst enemy possible.

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