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Amazing August Reads

August brings us the end of the summer but also the release of books to start taking us through the beginning of autumn. These are some of the books that I am looking forward to in August - some of which will be birthday gifts to myself!!!

The Codebreaker's Secret - Sara Ackerman (Publication Date: August 2, 2022): In 1943, Isabel Cooper is a codebreaker in Hawaii searching the airwaves for any hint of foreign chatter. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the death of her brother, Isabel will do whatever she can to avenge her brother. In 1965, Lu Friedtas, a well-known journalist is covering the grand opening of a new hotel on the island and when a high profile guest goes missing, she discovers a mystery that can only be solved by a codebreaker.

Widowland - C.J. Carey (Publication Date: August 9, 2022): Many years since the end of World War II and the English surrender to Germany. Along with this surrender, they adopted many of their classification of women into a varied hierarchy of groups. In true 1984 fashion, literature has been rewritten to acclimate to this way of thought and living. Rose Ransom, an elite member of the female hierarchy, works to rewrite history; when an insurgency begins to rise she is tasked with the job of finding the culprit.

I was lucky enough to read a galley of this book and you can click HERE for the review.

The Manhattan Girls - Gill Paul (Publication Date: August 16, 2022): World War I is over and bootleg liquor is easily available. Four young women are determined to make the most of their young lives. The young woman rely on each other through their varied romances, hardships, and life changes. When their goals seem just out of their reach, they do all they can to help each other reach their dreams. The women learn what lifelong friendship truly stands for.

Girl, Forgotten - Karin Slaughter (Publication Date: August 23, 2022): Prom night in 1982, Emily Vaughn is murdered because of a secret she held. Four decades later, a federal marshal, Andrea Oliver, is sent to the same community where Vaughn was killed to keep a federal judge safe. After hearing about Emily a year before, Andrea does all she can to solve the mystery if Emily's death and discover the secret she died for.

Carrie Soto is Back - Taylor Jenkins Reid (Publication Date: August 30, 2022): Carrie Soto is a world renowned tennis player who retired at the top of her game including twenty Grand Slam titles under the tutelage of her father, Javier. Six years after her retirement, Carrie watches a new player take her record from her. In order to reclaim her record, Carrie comes out of retirement for one final season…even if it means training with someone she lost her hear to.

I was so excited when I was approved for a galley of this amazing book. You can click HERE for my review.

The Lost Girls of Willowbrook - Ellen Marie Wiseman (Publication Date: August 30, 2022): Sage Winters has a twin sister named Rosemary whom she has always known was different from her. After mourning her sister's death from pneumonia and the sudden death of her mother, Sage lives with her stepfather in a Staten Island apartment who does not like her. Sage discovers that her parents kept a life changing secret from her - Rosemary is alive and was sent to Willowbrook State School, a mental institution used as a dumping ground for unwanted young girls and as a threat by parents to keep their children in line. Sage discovers that Rosemary has gone missing she heads to the institution where she is believed to be her sister and sees exactly what has been going on.

This book was an unexpected page turner and you can read my review HERE.

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