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All the Light We Cannot See

Author: Anthony Doerr

Started: Jul. 1, 2021

Finished: Jul. 9, 2021

There are dual storylines of a young blind girl named Marie-Laure and a young orphan whose love of science eventually leads to a career in the Reich named Werner. The characters both fight their own issues throughout the course of the story from Marie-Laure suddenly going blind at the beginning of the book to Werner dealing with living and having lost his father in the mines. We are taken through their lives to their ultimate meeting towards the end of WWII.

Unpopular opinion time, I thought this book was just okay. I have read multiple reviews where people discussed sobbing throughout the story and I didn't find myself that emotionally invested. There were moments throughout the story where I was sad about what happened but not so much that I felt weepy. It was a decently told story that could have been a little shorter but it was a worthwhile read.

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