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Agent 355

Author: Marie Benedict

Started: Jul. 8, 2021

Finished: Jul. 10, 2021

Elizabeth Morris is a young lady living in New York City who opposes the occupation by the British Army. While at a soiree with her parents, she comes to realize that her place in society could help the rebels learn the Loyalists' plans. As a woman, she was often overlooked when men were discussing items of importance as they did not believe she could understand what they were talking about. Thanks to this invisibility, Elizabeth was able to gather important intel regarding a possible traitor in the rebels' ranks. Elizabeth passes her information to Richard Townsend who ends up having a personal relationship. She is caught and it is insinuated that Elizabeth dies.

Marie Benedict is well-known not only for her historical fiction but for bringing forgotten heroines into the forefront. Benedict clearly states in the author's notes that we are not sure who Agent 355 is as she is never mentioned in historic records by name but she managed to give us an idea of what kind of woman Agent 355 could be. A short but very well-done story for a time period we do not often read about.

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