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A Scatter of Light - Malinda Lo

Author: Malinda Lo

Narrator: Annie Q

Started: October 13, 2022

Finished: October 14, 2022

Aria Tang West has had a horrible end to her high school career. A boy she hooked up with one time took exposing photos of her and posted them online. Her parents have decided the best thing is to separate her from her environment and send her to her grandmother, Joan, in California until it is time to head to MIT. While dreading her new summer plans, Aria meets her grandmother's landscaper, Steph Nichols. As they become friendly Aria realizes that she wants to be more than friends although she has never had romantic feelings toward another girl.

This is a companion story to Last Night at the Telegraph Club (review here). This is a well-written and well-developed coming-of-age story where Aria finds her interest aroused and the possibility that she has been living her life differently than she would want. Actress Annie Q narrates the story and she does a beautiful job of emoting each character's love, lust, and heartbreak. She was the absolute perfect narrator for this story. Lo so uniquely cultivates the personalities of each character that you cannot help but care about them and want them to be happy. This story made me smile and broke my heart at the same time.

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