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A Good Marriage - Stephen King

Author: Stephen King

Narrator: Jessica Hecht

Started: August 21, 2023

Finished: August 22, 2023

Format: Audio

Genre: Thriller

Darcy Anderson has been married to Bob for over twenty years and believes there are no more big secrets between them…until she discovers she was very, very wrong. On a trip into the garage for batteries when her husband is on a work trip, Darcy finds the ID cards for a woman she has never met and when she googles her, she discovers that she was the victim of the infamous serial killer, BD. She begins to wonder why her husband has these items but then comes to the most obvious conclusion. After confirmation by Bob, she must decide if this is a secret she can take to the grave or if she should make sure her beloved husband finally suffers.

This was a fantastic novella. Despite being just shy of 4 hours it was packed with an amazing plot, complete character development, and a twist I did not see coming. A lot of things can be said about Stephen King but never that he is untalented. The narrator did a decent job. Her voice for Darcy sounded like a weak Edith Bunker. Her male voices were older sounding than I thought the character would be but it was tolerable. This was a great read and I enjoyed the storyline.

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